Robert Grüneberger - Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur & Business Angel

Experienced Leader and Marketer | Helping International Start-ups and Stock Market Listed Companies Succeed

> 15+ years of dynamic expertise in marketing, leadership, and company building
> A proven entrepreneurial mindset with a track record of driving growth and innovation
> Worked extensively with both private-held start-ups and MDAX-listed companies
> Committed to efficiency and delivering results that exceed expectations
> Recognized as an early mover, seizing opportunities ahead of the competition

Passionate Consultant and Investor | Empowering Innovative Companies with a Humanitarian Focus

> Seeking out visionary companies that are truly pushing the boundaries of innovation and pioneering revolutionary products not yet seen in the market
> Committed to supporting companies dedicated to making a positive impact on society or the environment, particularly in the medical-tech and green-tech sectors
> Offering expertise as a paid consultant and the potential for Seed Stage investment as a dedicated Business Angel
> Excited to collaborate with forward-thinking organizations that prioritize helping people and advancing human well-being
> Ready to contribute my experience, resources, and strategic guidance to accelerate the success of mission-driven ventures

If you drive an innovative business with an environmental or humanitarian focus and have a genuine desire to make a positive difference in the world, don't hesitate to contact me.